Yoga, as my teachers here are explaining in detail, is not just a workout, something to do a few times a week, getting yourself sweating and panting, before you indulge in some heavy food, alcohol and selfish living. Yoga is a way of life (1. yama), self discipline (2. niyama), physical postures (3. asana), breathing […]

The yearly returning country-industry-group-team-event. Yes, this is a category, without appropriate three letter abbreviation. Because in my line of business you are marked, or identified by your geographic location, followed by an industry and ultimately specified with a specific role or title. So you can be placed in a little box, an imaginary cubicle. When […]

Laat me je voorstellen aan de zuidas. Hoogmoedig, intelligent en luid. De glanzende hoogbouw verhult strategie├źn, idee├źn en intriges. Vier jaar geleden liep ik hier voor het eerst. Zwart rokje, zwarte blouse en zalm roze pumps. Zo ging ik naar de laatste ronde van mijn sollicitatieprocedure. Juni 2011 ben ik gestart, at the botom of […]