Through a beige haze we are diving head first from the blue sky towards that place on earth that is like no other. Leaving a little over one year ago, not knowing when to return. The wedding of my Indian sister brings me back to Delhi. This time my bag arrived with me, getting my […]

About 18 years ago, spring time in the Netherlands I had my first kiss. On a Saturday night, after some shots of Apfelkorn, outside around the corner of my favourite hangout. A very sweet Hungarian guy I had my eye on for quite some time. Now, 18 years and many kisses later, Hungarian love strikes […]

A white page is filling my screen and my mind. “I’ve lost my mojo”, I’m telling my mother who is sitting across from me at the kitchen table. In my notebook about 10 unfinished stories. Reading them, adding some words, closing them again. Unable to finish what I have started. Maybe this is my current […]

Our lives are filled with stories. Love stories, travel stories, work stories. Stories about lessons learned, family, happiness, hopes, dreams, and mistakes. A collection of fragments, words bound between a cover. A dance between people, steps, smiles, emptiness and fulfillment. A tango with the devil, a jive with an angel. Absorbing sensations the way a […]

Yoga, as my teachers here are explaining in detail, is not just a workout, something to do a few times a week, getting yourself sweating and panting, before you indulge in some heavy food, alcohol and selfish living. Yoga is a way of life (1. yama), self discipline (2. niyama), physical postures (3. asana), breathing […]

Two months down. Highs and lows, laughter and tears, embracing the new, letting go of what is lost. The mind tends to forget the difficulties and remembers the beauty. With a good reason behind it. As you will reflect what is inside through your outside. Your appearance and presence are a direct mirror of the […]

Change. My mind, my thoughts, my dreams, they are constantly aswirl. Sparkles of excitement find their way through the cloggy barriers of every day life. This must be the thundering thirties I imagine you are thinking. The period in your life when you over think the decisions you have made, the direction you have chosen. The first steps in your […]

I wake up next to you and want to kiss the soft space on your neck between your ear and shoulder. Your skin feels like fresh laundry. A soft black curl tickles my nose while you wake up and look into my eyes. A smile appears on my face and I feel intensely happy. Arriving back […]

Winding down. Letting all obligations and restrictions go. We have the tendency to stress ourselves and our bodies to constantly being in motion. To push forward when we actually want to hold back. Live in the future, without appreciating the current moment or what has passed. Only seeing possibilities in what has yet to come, […]

I used to let trains pass by without me getting on. I was sitting on a bench, waiting for myself. Waiting for clarity, for happiness, for dreams to come true. To find the future in my fantasy, daydreams in which it is here with me. Im not waiting anymore, im living, every second of my […]