About 18 years ago, spring time in the Netherlands I had my first kiss. On a Saturday night, after some shots of Apfelkorn, outside around the corner of my favourite hangout. A very sweet Hungarian guy I had my eye on for quite some time. Now, 18 years and many kisses later, Hungarian love strikes again. In a somewhat different way than on that warm evening in Nijmegen. I moved to Budapest to continue my life.

Yes, again another city, another country, another job. Even though I had never set foot in this part of the world, I packed my bags and got in a plane. Ok, not that simple. This time I came prepared, with a plan, independent, by myself. After India, after nine months with my parents again (how poetic), I felt reborn. And I found the perfect new job to continue my story.

These last few days I have started a new love story with a city that had me at hallo. When the first dark, cold, snowy days where replaced by bright blue skies, low hanging sun, and glistering buildings, I was lost. Lost in a new world, a new love, a new story. Ready to discover, to understand, to walk my path, and to derail. Because nothing is certain, nothing is for ever, nothing is set in stone.

‘Get lost in wonderland’ is painted on the wall of the coffee bar where im having my Sunday coffee. Written in a half circle, above a dark blue window frame. The snow is slowly swirling from the grey sky on the pavement. I feel happy. I feel at home.

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