Do you want to know how love feels? He grabs my hand and pulls me across the hectic roundabout in front of India gate in Delhi. Cars and motorcycles start honking, swirling, and change direction. We run, laugh, and reach the opposite side. Adrenaline rushes through my body. I look into your eyes and we both start laughing. People stare at us. We look at the brightly lit monument with secret filled eyes.

Do you want to know how love feels? He puts on his helmet and gestures for me to sit on the back of his Royal Enfield motorcycle. Accelerating through the streets, the wind streaks my skin. The weak afternoon sunlight touches my eyes, nose, and cheeks. It caresses the soft corners of my face. We turn left, onto a bumpy sand road. Which direction should we take? My sense of direction is hopelessly lost, and so is yours. I have never met anyone with a worse inner compass than me. Until now. At the end of the road we watch a large strip of golden sparkles from the sun radiate on the ocean. We are not lost.

Do you want to know how love feels? “We are fearing it and desire for it”, you mention sitting in the dimmed light coming from the beach cafe which barely reaches the speck of sand we are sitting on. Caught by the water every time a wave rolls on shore. I smile. You are right. Fear and desire attract and repel like a magnet. As what you desire will be accompanied by fear. Fear of losing it, fear of not knowing how, fear of no desires. At that moment I desire to have always a little bit of fear, as it makes me curious, determined and creative.

Do you want to know how love feels? The simplicity of love? You can find it in the most unusual, unattractive, beautiful, colourful, grey, moments of life.

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