Even after many trips, travels, and places, India keeps surprising me. This enormous country with its chaotic cities, emerald landscapes, silken beaches, swirling streets, honking vehicles, and rich smells. After deciding to end my Delhi story, im finding my love for India back in the south. Where the landscape is dotted with palmtrees and bananatrees. Where people tend to smile a bit more, and gossip a little less.

Kicking off in south Goa, Agonda. Where time slows down, days flow easily into the next, I find myself in the middle of the laidback vibe of Orange Sky, where all travelers mix into one large, strange, unfitted family. 2017 is welcomed here with my feet in the sand, fireworks in the night blue sky, and smiling eyes next to me.

Stumbling through Hampi, witnessing the marvels of the magnificent world wonders, I become speechless. Nature can be so overwhelming, overpowering even, that it just makes you shut the f*ck up and become quite. This silence is best enjoyed when sitting on top of a mountain, overlooking fast landscapes of trees, rocks, and an endless horizon. 

Mysore is enforcing my newly returned love for India. The bustling streets, filled with people, fragrances, sounds, and life. The numerous shops selling flowers and everything you need in your kitchen, but most of all the incredible (street)food; sev puri, samosa chatt, fried chillies, lemon rice, idli, pongal. With every bite, my love grows, thickens, and settles back. 

So even though my Delhi story has come to an end, my India story will continue. Probably for the rest of my life. As this country can move me like no other can. It lifts me up, calms me down, and stresses me out. It let’s me feel. It let’s me love life. 

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