As I have tried to put in words many times, Delhi is amazing, overwhelming, and unbelievable. All at the same time and constantly throwing you of your feet. So this time it wasn’t much different. The friend I am staying with invited us along for a Punjabi pre-wedding event. Arriving in the farm house just outside Delhi we are blown away by the abundance of fairytale lights, huge setup and dito bar and buffet. Hundreds of people have come to celebrate the couple. The men look sharp. The women look out of this world with incredible dresses and flawless makeup and hair. Amazing drum players get on stage, followed by a crazy performace of Diljit Dosanjh. This Punjabi artist leaves all of us jumping and screaming with his dance moves and songs. The party and after party last until early morning when after a quick nap and shower we jump in a car to drive to Jaipur.

In Jaipur we attend the annual literature festival. A multiple day event where literature lovers, artistic Indians and a few foreigners gather to listen, talk, and drink. A great vibe, interesting people and lots of fun. Even though we had our share of late nights and drinks, at the end of the day we find ourselves indulging on streetfood, dancing in a wedding parade on the street, a weird bright lit sheesha bar, and eventually in a dark club. It just doesn’t stop in this country.

But Jaipur isn’t only literature and party. And even though the initial plan was to travel to Pushkar, we decide to stay, sleep in, and visit the stunning Amer fort. This is my third visit to Jaipur and also the third visit to this fort, but it still is magical. The colours, a pinkish terracotta shade which is incredible in the afternoon sun. The architecture of this massive building  with arabic details. The Indian women, who colour the steps, hallways, and open spaces like a bouquet of flowers with their beautiful saris.

Again back to Delhi, as my travel companion is flying home. For the last weeks of this part of my India story I will be solo again. Taking some time to reflect on the last months. The dreams I brought with me to India, what has stayed, what has changed. I feel restless and a bit unsettled. Everything is open, again. And how exciting this might be, I would love to peek in the future, just to make sure it will all be okey. But then again, as John Lennon already said; “Everything will be okey in the end. If it’s not okey, it’s not the end”.

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  1. John L. is right, also with: ‘Life happens when you are making other plans’



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