The smell of airports, the smell of adventure. The cheerful chitchat of people ready for their holiday. The serious faces of the business people making their international commute. Faces showing a bit of tiredness from the early risers, mixed with a glimmering of excitement. A cup of warm black coffee, a book, and waiting. But this waiting is not bad, as the excitement of my next trip is already flowing through my veins. Headed to Paris to meet my Spanish friend whom I met in Chicago, and was doing an MBA in Singapore which is finished in France. Oh yes, I love these international connections. It makes the world small and large at the same time.

My flight from Amsterdam to Paris takes as much time a cycling from my home to the city center and back. In the green airplane seats im dreaming about days filled with cafe crème, croissants, wine, cheese and baguettes. Nice walks, good talks, and abundant laughs in the beautiful streets of Montparnasse, Montmartre and Le Marais.

Arrivé. Assassin finds it’s way through my headphones in my ears. French hip hop. This language is made for music as well as whispering flirtations in your lovers ear. The sun is slowly setting behind the buildings in Le Marais. We are sitting on a rooftop, Le Perchoir, where people are beautiful and the alcohol flows freely. Parishioners are graceful, stylish, and beautiful. How I would love to live in this city. Exactly as how I would live in all places my heart connects to in this world.

My last day is for Montmartre. Curving up and down. Sidewalk cafes. Stores close during the afternoon, people enjoying life. Really living life. An elderly couple walks in front of me. He is wearing a light summer suit with a brown hat. She wears a yellow dress, flowing in the sunlight. Her green heels press firmly, but gracefully on the sidewalk while he takes her arm and whispers something in her ear. I pass by a beautiful terras where little black chairs and white marble tables are lining the Rue Caulaincourt. A handsome man is reading a book, I sit down, “un café, s’il vous plaît”.

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