8 juli 2017

Just like home

Amsterdam airport has a black granite floor speckled with shimmering pieces of stone. Giving the impression you are already or still in the sky, traveling through space. To far away lands and hidden treasures.

I am traveling to Amman, Jordan. Open minded and full of excitement l stepped in the plane. Flying me from Amsterdam to Athens and then further to Amman. We are delayed due to a passenger being late, his baggage could not be found by the ground personnel so the door had to be reopened to let him in. In total dismay of the captain. By his ruling this would have never been allowed. As his fury full message was announced throughout the cabin, the guy with brown curly hair manoeuvred to his seat with a face shining of embarrassment and anger. He kept his eyes closed for the remainder of the flight.

In Athens I’m waiting in front of gate A20. The area is filled with people. A father with his young daughter. Carrying her on his shoulders, dragging a purple Frozen suitcase behind. Put down on the floor, the girl immediately starts playing games with an other girl. Making funny faces and talking to each other in their own languages. As long as you make funny faces, the language doesn’t matter apparently. Three gorgeous women, which im guessing mother and daughters, with one, not so gorgeous man. Chatter in Arabic which I totally do not understand, but sounds beautiful. I love the throaty sounds with g’s and o’s and a’s pronounced in a sequence I could never repeat.

With 140 km/h we speed over the Jordan roads towards the center of Amman. Wide lanes of black asphalt. Except for the occasional Arabic roadsigns, there is nothing yet that has caught my eye in this total darkness of the night. However, a little down the street, on the right side, we are approaching a bright lit building, yellow and blue. IKEA. Also in Jorden they have their Billy bookcases and Ribba photo frames. Just like home.

An almost full moon is showing itself brightly in the sky. Five days in Jordan. Five days to satisfy my travel bug. Five days to soak myself in culture, food, and interactions.

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