Cold feet touch the moist black earth. Wet blades of grass pierce between white toes. Slowly walking towards the edge. Towards the distance. The unexpected with a new rhythm. An equilibrium yet to be found. However despite the uncertainty an inner balance, a strong compass towards adventure. An unexplainable and unstoppable hunger for the unknown.

One year to balance, to think, to travel, to create, to love and to live. Moving to India, moving back. Looking for answers, finding them, and changing the question again. Feeling lost, strong, insecure, young, old, happy. Understanding what is important, and what absolutely not. Discovering unconditional friendship. But most of all, understanding life. My life.

I used to throw my hands up in the air sometimes, to say I don’t know. I used to think I should know. I had to know. That everybody knows. But the secret of it all, is that nobody knows. People do what they think they should do, what feels good, what someone tells them to do, or what they feel they have to do. Whatever reason is behind, you never know exactly where it will lead you. And that is ok.

Because sometimes you can find someone to grab your arm. Someone who is happy to not know with you. Someone that is making your soul dance inside your body. To do without doubt. To walk without looking back. To speak without fear of being unheard. To love without conditions. Sometimes life can be easy like that. You make my life easy like that. Easy like Sunday morning.

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