A white page is filling my screen and my mind. “I’ve lost my mojo”, I’m telling my mother who is sitting across from me at the kitchen table. In my notebook about 10 unfinished stories. Reading them, adding some words, closing them again. Unable to finish what I have started. Maybe this is my current state of mind. Many ideas, opportunities and possibilities, but unable to finish, choose, and make up my mind. “What would you do if you didn’t have to think about making money”, I was discussing with my friend a few days ago. Immediately my brain is raging like a Ferrari engine. Ideas, topics, and dreams are popping up as bubbles in a glass of Champagne.

I would open a simple restaurant where people can eat my Indian favourites, sit at long tables, and share a cup of chai and a conversation. I would further deepen my knowledge on food and nutrition. Combining it with teachings from yoga and Ayurveda and create a program for children to teach them about food, the body, and the connection between this. I would develop travel itineraries for travels through India combining them with my personal travel stories, to inspire people to visit this beautiful country. I would…

But for now I’m still sitting at the kitchen table. My mother has gone for a walk, and I realise I cannot freely think about what I would like to do if it didn’t involve making money. Because I do need to make some money. I need to pay my bills, I need to live. But I also realise there is a difference in making a shit load of money, just for the sake of making money, or making sure you have enough to support yourself. Someone also told me when I was still working as a management consultant that because of this job, because of the knowledge I gained here, I would be better equipped at helping others in a broader sense. And that is true as well. So bring it on, i’m getting my mojo back.

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