Romance is dripping from the screen as ice-cream melting in the hot summer sun. Just as sweet, light, and colorful. Songs so familiar as they are flowing easily from the lips of all Indians. Passion, love, drama, and action are mixed in an evening filling spectacle of heroes, villains, and ordinary people. Because only in these movies you will be treated to an upbeat song with coordinated dance routine in the middle of a heated pursuit of speeding cars on a highway in Bombay.

Hindi movies have stolen my heart. I love the dance, interactions, the abundance, and over the top emotions. I get sucked into the drama, the story, the incredibly handsome actors. They tell a story of dreams, power, and strength. A story of could be, a story of one day, a story of the heart. 

Flying from Amsterdam to Delhi I was caught up in the martial arts drama, Baaghi (rebel). Later I flew over the mountains and was seduced by the impossible love story and power of the mountain hero Shivaay. In my room in Delhi I witnessed an exciting train highjacking in London, coincidentally also named Speed (Tezz). Followed by a honey sweet love story of the Delhi elite in Let the heart beat. Paris was filled with love when the two young Indians Dharam and Shyra play the game of attraction and withdrawal in Befikre (Carefree). Lastly, with spectacular additional effects from the people in the cinema, I watched Dangal (wrestling competition), telling the true story of a wrestling champion in India training his two daughters to follow his footsteps. Girl power! Celebrated by all people with loud screams, clapping of hands and wild laughter. 

Overlooking the Goa sea, hearing Nashe Si Chadh Gayi (‘makes me intoxicated’), letting my own Bollywood story of the last months passing by – the love, the friendship, the dancing, the singing, and the drama – I am dreaming of what is next. How will my story continue? 

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  1. It is written in the Bollywood stars…… Anyway, India, also has given you an own voice of writing…


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