Delhi, in total we have been together for nearly 1,5 years. During this time we had beautiful moments, endless parties, romantic encounters. You have thought me valuable life lessons. We have walked together, took numerous breathes together, laughed, screamed and cried together. As you are not an ordinary city. Not a city which can be medium, just ok, or dull. No, your busteling streets scream for attention. And your population screams with you.

You settled in a little corner of my heart. You kept calling my name to come back to you, to live with you, to let me be embraced by you. However in the end your loving embrace turned into a suffocating grip. I would have loved to stay with you, discover you, sleep with you and wake up with you. But you are too different, too difficult, too overwhelming to settle me down.

After giving you a second chance, with mixed emotions, I am ready to give up. A swirl of sadness mixed with a fragrance of relief. I wish I could have made it, but I can’t. I will not miss your noise, dust, pollution, or disdain. Nor will I forget that at times I felt misunderstood, mistreated, an outsider. But I will also remember with softness in my eyes the days I walked on your streets with intense happiness, the feeling of home I used to have, and most importantly the beautiful, kind, and intelligent people you have introduced me to.

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  1. Delhi will appreciate this intense good bye of a grateful daughter, well done….


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