We wake up everyday, do what is expected of us, and go back to sleep, this is what we call life. We sabotage ourselves without realizing it, because we copy what has been shown to us, so we think this is how it should go.*

A little over a week, that is what is left of my 5 month India adventure. Whilst a cow is ruining a sandcastle in front of my eyes on the lovely Kudle beach of Gokarna, I feel completely relaxed again. Not because of the cow, but because I can finally let go of the extreme restlessness I have been feeling. A rush to figure out life, to know ‘what’s next’, a rush to start doing what I am supposed to be doing. What is expected of me, or what is said to be normal. 

After Gokarna I went further up the west coast, back to Agonda beach in Goa. This place is just magical for me. It embraces me with good memories and fills my life with new ones. The laid back atmosphere of beaches, sunshine, and warmth, intertwined with smiles, touches, and happiness. The simple moments in life become more meaningful. On the back of a Royal Enfield motorcycle I watch a large strip of golden sparkles from the sun radiate on the ocean.

The simplicity of my days gives room for reflection. And to my surprise a feeling of sheer wealth strikes me every single day. It brings a smile on my face and in my soul. No longer worrying about figuring out my life right now, I realize I am living the life I have always wanted. Sure, currently I am unemployed, will be living with my parents again at 31, and have no clue what I will be doing next month; but who cares? I am waking up with a smile on my face, a backpack full of memories, adventures, and experiences, and a love for the world im living in. 

* translated from: Kom hier dat ik u kus – Griet op de Beeck

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