I used to let trains pass by without me getting on. I was sitting on a bench, waiting for myself. Waiting for clarity, for happiness, for dreams to come true. To find the future in my fantasy, daydreams in which it is here with me. Im not waiting anymore, im living, every second of my life. With full consciousness, dedication and energy. With my soul dancing in my body.

A traveling soul, longing to be in the in-between. The simple life of local food, peace and love. The enormous source of inspiration and balance the sheer thought and act of traveling will give. The beauty that will stumble you, the experience that will humble you.

These last few days you have made me into a we. A we of laughter, conversations, silences, a we of loving. I felt as if I could live on air and your touch. “You should not be thinking of the different countries you are coming from, think of what you see in each others eyes, that is all that matters”. The 70 year old Italian lady coming up to us knows what living is. She is spending her days with pleasure, total balance and joy. A swaying walk, animated discussions and present attitude.

The sadnecessary act of leaving behind what felt so good. The traveling soul. With only one decision away of continuation. Whichever path I find, it’s mine to take. And if I say im fine, you just have to wait for me.

“You like this guy, no, I can read it in your eyes”. I pass by the smiling Sri Lankan at the Galle train station, put on my sunglasses and drive away.

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