The past four weeks I have been a guest in this magnificent, mesmerizing, enchanting country. An environment so diverse, it’s inhabitants so welcoming, it’s character so beautiful.

I have found natural beauty, laughter, peace, friendship and love. A thrilling pallet of tastes, beautiful sounds, and vibrant colours. Sri Lanka has it all. The versatility of activities, landscape and short distances make a trip in Sri Lanka almost as traveling the world in one place.

My journey has lead me through the ‘ancient cities’ in which I have walked through 800 years of Sri Lankan history, paths where kings have walked, temples where gods have been worshiped. Stunning views from the top of Sigirya, amid the ruins of King Kassapa’s palace. Followed by Dambulla’s cave temple, where the sight of hundreds of buddha statues and murals will turn your attention inside, brining balance and a touch of spirituality.

From ancient culture and blistering heat to the chilled, laid-back south coast beaches of Unawatuna, Medigama and Tangalla. Days pass by, beers are cold, nights are hot. The beaches are white, the water is turquoise blue, palmtrees are swaying in the wind. These beaches are what beaches should be. Pure natural beauty.

Beautiful beached were replaced by the cooler hill country. Stunning views, incredible landscapes and physical activity to get here. There are not enough adjectives to describe it’s nature and do it justice. Climbing Ella rock, shivering whilst watching the sun rise at Adam’s Peak, walking to World’s End, slowly moving through the tea fields in the signature blue Sri Lankan train.

With little less than two weeks left, I decide to go east. Arriving in Uppuveli on Tuesday evening, I immediately find myself back in the beach rhythm. From hasty packing your bag every morning to hop on a train or bus to the next destination, Uppuveli sets me back. With both feed in the sand, a great group of people, and the occasional beer or sip of Arrak, I stay in this little treasure until Sunday evening.

My last days are days of traveling back and looking back. Back to the west coast. Letting my mind wander to the weeks that passed by, to all I have seen, the people I have met. How this experience changed me. Again.

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