13 november 2016

Namaste b*tches!

Change. My mind, my thoughts, my dreams, they are constantly aswirl. Sparkles of excitement find their way through the cloggy barriers of every day life. This must be the thundering thirties I imagine you are thinking. The period in your life when you over think the decisions you have made, the direction you have chosen. The first steps in your working life are well covered. You know who you are, sort of. You know what you are good at, you know most of your flaws. Your life is still in front of you, but not as naive and rash as before.

After a bumpy start in Delhi, I have travelled to Rishikesh to completely submerge myself in yoga. Here I have started my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training on the 7th of November. Always open but a bit skeptical towards the philosophical and theoretical part of yoga, I have to say I am impressed by what I have learned so far. Exactly one week ago my friend said I would return to Delhi full hippie style. I laughed at her, that would never happen to me. And to be honest, my appearance will not drastically change (except from a fresh glow caused by the healthy lifestyle, accompanied by happy eyes). However my inner hippie has been awakened.

Balance. The main thing I am looking for, the one thing I lost completely when living in Delhi. Here is where it maybe gets a bit woolly, but just give it some thought. Our body  contains solar and lunar energy, the duality of the body and mind. Solar being the hot side, dynamic, active, physical, positive, masculine, but also unsatisfied energy. Lunar being cold, relaxing, passive, mental, negative, feminine; the satisfied energy. We become emotional when these energies are not in balance. These energies are effected by your geographic location and the people around you. Living together will exchange and level your energy but it will also sync up your maximal lunar energy point, i.e. your period, the time of the month where your lunar energy is highest and you will be most emotional. Yes, both men and women have ‘that time of the month’.

Geographic locations also have different levels of energy. When moving to a different city or country, your body will adjust to this new energy level. With 90% of the people the energy in the body will adjust itself back when coming home. However, in some cases, this does’t happen, causing an urge, a desire to go back to that location. I’d like to think this is what happend to me in India. Why I want to be here, even though I might never fit in. Why I want to live in a country where I will always be a foreigner, but where I feel at home.

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