Delhi, in total we have been together for nearly 1,5 years. During this time we had beautiful moments, endless parties, romantic encounters. You have thought me valuable life lessons. We have walked together, took numerous breathes together, laughed, screamed and cried together. As you are not an ordinary city. Not a city which can be […]

Language. It is a beautiful vehicle, a doorway in cultures and behaviors. Since I have moved to India I am trying to learn hindi. A rich, expressive, but difficult language, which is in the top 5 of most spoken languages of the world. Foremost I was attracted to the beautiful Devanagari script with it’s soft […]

Delhi boys are a specific type of Indian men I was told by my friend, who is also a self proclaimed Delhi boy. It is a status you can obtain through birth, of course, but the real Delhi boys conquer their title through certain actions and a way of life. I need to be careful […]

Finding beauty in every single moment, is like breathing happiness, breathing love. A simple, easy love. Not for a specific person, but for everything around you. A love where your soul is dancing inside your body. Because love is the force that makes life worth living, gives it colour, depth and warmth, it allows us to […]

Either you love it or you hate it. That is the general feeling people have about India. If I talk about my feelings towards this country some people start smiling, get dreamy eyes and sigh “ah yes, India, I love it”. Others look at me with a blanc, slightly frightened expression and disbelieve in their […]

“Be confused, it’s where you begin to learn new things. Be broken, it’s where you begin to heal. Be frustrated, it’s where you start to make more authentic decisions. Be sad, because if we are brave enough we can hear our own heart’s wisdom through it.” 5 months since the last time I walked the […]

From travel paradise to office reality. Palmtrees, flipflops and freedom of time have been replaced by a concrete jungle, high heels and little free time. I have tried to stay in travel paradise, in my mind. To take 5 minutes per day to let my thoughts wonder to the laid-back beaches of Gili Air, to […]

Wait what? No this is not what you think, hold your horses. I will not spill about my true love stories. However I am amazed by how love, sexuality and relationships are interwoven and at the same time a total taboo in this busteling, rising metropool. It is everywhere around you, but nowhere to be […]

The past four weeks I have been a guest in this magnificent, mesmerizing, enchanting country. An environment so diverse, it’s inhabitants so welcoming, it’s character so beautiful. I have found natural beauty, laughter, peace, friendship and love. A thrilling pallet of tastes, beautiful sounds, and vibrant colours. Sri Lanka has it all. The versatility of […]

With your red polo shirt, blue jeans and mysterious pink toenail, you hang halfway from the open backdoor in the reckless bus. You drag me in by my arm whilst the bus is only slightly moderating it’s speed. Music blasting, frantically honking, almost flying over the road. Transportation in Sri Lanka is incredible value for […]