9 december 2016

Delhi boys

Delhi boys are a specific type of Indian men I was told by my friend, who is also a self proclaimed Delhi boy. It is a status you can obtain through birth, of course, but the real Delhi boys conquer their title through certain actions and a way of life. I need to be careful here, it is not exactly familiar territory as im not a boy and not from Delhi. However during my life in Delhi I have come across many I would say. So Delhi boys of India, this one is for you.

There you are, with your flamboyant appearance, your animated way of talking, a carefully placed ‘bhen-chod’ in most of your sentences. You act as if you can rule the world with your clever mind and extensive network. And maybe you can. Because it is not all fluff and air your speak. At least half could actually make sense and lead to something real. If you are not carried away by gossip, ego or both. You are all ‘doing business’. You are all owners, managing directors, or other business men. But what you actually do every day, is a foggy mystery.

Besides your clever mind you are charming as hell. And you know it. Confident, sweet talk, and good looks. You have it all. I have been impressed by you, seduced by you, annoyed by you and definitely I have been pissed at you. But in the end you have a magnetic attraction. Where the heart wins it from the brain. Again.

And Delhi boys who totally do not agree with my point of view, don’t worry, maybe you are not a real Delhi boy after all.

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