On the move again. My last 3 weeks in India I spend in the south. Flying to Chennai, taking a bus to Pondicherry, a bus to Bangalore, Mysuru and then…who knows. As I am traveling alone, still unemployed, and just because it’s more fun, im trying to minimize my spending. So from the Chennai airport […]

As I have tried to put in words many times, Delhi is amazing, overwhelming, and unbelievable. All at the same time and constantly throwing you of your feet. So this time it wasn’t much different. The friend I am staying with invited us along for a Punjabi pre-wedding event. Arriving in the farm house just […]

Varkala beach, Saturday, the sun is almost setting and on the beach an eclectic mix of tourist, Indians and everything in between gathers to enjoy the last rays of sunshine, a refreshing splash in the waves or romantically watching the sun turning all shades of orange and dipping below the horizon. Lined by cliffs, this […]

Arriving in Kochi with the nightbus from hell, the first thing we need after dropping our bags in the guesthouse is food. By coincidence we enter a vegetarian place which might be the best we ever had. A busy place, 15 large steel tables seating 6 people each, bright lights, only men. Lunch, dinner and […]

Even after many trips, travels, and places, India keeps surprising me. This enormous country with its chaotic cities, emerald landscapes, silken beaches, swirling streets, honking vehicles, and rich smells. After deciding to end my Delhi story, im finding my love for India back in the south. Where the landscape is dotted with palmtrees and bananatrees. […]

I felt at home in a city boiling with chaotic colors, feelings, and voices. A language once sounding like hard k’s and strong p’s becoming familiar and soft. At home because of the unparalleled difference. At home because it was nothing like I knew or was used to. At home because of my Indian sister […]

Romance is dripping from the screen as ice-cream melting in the hot summer sun. Just as sweet, light, and colorful. Songs so familiar as they are flowing easily from the lips of all Indians. Passion, love, drama, and action are mixed in an evening filling spectacle of heroes, villains, and ordinary people. Because only in […]

Delhi, in total we have been together for nearly 1,5 years. During this time we had beautiful moments, endless parties, romantic encounters. You have thought me valuable life lessons. We have walked together, took numerous breathes together, laughed, screamed and cried together. As you are not an ordinary city. Not a city which can be […]

Language. It is a beautiful vehicle, a doorway in cultures and behaviors. Since I have moved to India I am trying to learn hindi. A rich, expressive, but difficult language, which is in the top 5 of most spoken languages of the world. Foremost I was attracted to the beautiful Devanagari script with it’s soft […]

Our story started of many years ago. Our story is one which had to be lived and felt before it could have been written. A beautiful story, a painful story, a story of life. Mountain highs, ocean deeps, and everything in between. Cultures as far apart as the traveling distance through the air. However two […]