‘Life is short, enjoy your coffee!’ This previous ending forms now a new beginning. Or as Bob Dylan sang ’the times they are changing.’ After five years in which I have been constantly aswirl, filled with think-rambled days, I will be leaving my zuidas, corporate adventure. Exhilarating years in which I have learned, laughed, worked until the break of dawn, became infuriated, made friends, cried, traveled and discovered my abilities.

After some reflection and contemplation I have made the liberating decision to search for a different direction. Realizing that my soul was lost in what I was doing. No longer finding endless possibilities, opportunities and intense happiness. Pushed aside by sadness, doubt and indifference. Awakened by meeting an old friend who made me realize I lost the splendor of life.

A caterpillar of sweat inched down my spine when I picked up the phone to call my manager. He has always been supportive, but how would he react to this? Would he try to persuade me to stay? Suggest another ‘fantastic opportunity’ I could work on?  Luckily I got the best reaction I could wish for. Showing once again that leadership is more than just wanting the best for the company, but looking at what is best for the individual person.

So, let’s be fools for once. Quitting my secure, corporate job to find back my life. Letting go safety, with a slight feeling of anxiousness, but at the same time curious and excited as hell!

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  1. Really nice to read and I’m sure many, including myself, can relate 🙂


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